Membership Requirements


There are two concert seasons: Fall/Winter (usually late August-early December) and Spring (usually mid January-mid May). Click here to access our Google Calendar.


Anyone 8th grade and up is eligible to join us. We enjoy the cross-generational diversity that characterizes our choir.

Rehearsal Requirements

Rehearsals are held at Gainesville Presbyterian Church, 16127 Lee Highway, VA on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00PM 12-15 weeks prior to the concerts. Optional sectional rehearsals are held on an as-needed basis.

Rehearsals are critical to the quality of the performances. Therefore, attendance at all rehearsals is expected of the singers. We understand that unforeseen circumstances and illnesses may arise, and we expect all singers to notify the director of their absence in these situations.

Being absent from more than two rehearsals in a season may preclude a member’s ability to participate in the concerts.

In addition to weekly rehearsals, singers are given multiple tools to aid practicing on their own. The choir memorizes 3-5 songs per concert season.

Rehearsal Etiquette

Please arrive promptly in comfortable clothing, with a pencil, music, and water bottle. Turn off technical devices. Pay attention to the music directors’ instructions and make pencil notations on your music per instruction.

Concert Attire

Acquiring concert attire will be the responsibility of the singer, with the exception of the colored accessories, which are provided. Basic requirements are semi-formal black and/or white attire.

For Women:
  • Solid white or black blouse/shirt
    —-No sleeveless
    —-Buttons & collars not required, but top should look nice
    —-Nothing low cut
  • Solid black skirt that hangs below the knee or solid black dress pants (if skirt, black hosiery required; no bare skin should show below the waist). 
  • A solid black dress is also fine in place of skirt & blouse. Should hang below the knee & be worn with black hosiery; no bare skin should show below the waist
  • Earrings no bigger than your eyes (nothing dangly)
  • No more than 3 pieces of jewelry on your hands & wrists combined – nothing gaudy or flashy
  • Black shoes (closed-toe, no high heels) and black socks or tights
  • Hair pulled back or up, out of face, if long
  • No non-religious head coverings
  • Colored accessory (provided)
    —-Fall: red scarf; Spring: blue scarf
For Men:
  • Solid white or black long-sleeve button-up collared shirt
  • Solid black dress pants
  • Solid black dress shoes, socks, and belt
  • Necktie or bow tie (provided)
    —-Red in fall, blue in spring
  • Hair pulled back or up, out of face, if long
  • No non-religious head coverings